Vintage Indian Meditation Altar


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Unusual vintage meditation altar – very pretty piece – comes with sliding front for items to be placed inside when not in use. This is a perfect altar to showcase your crystals, dieties and fresh flowers during your practice.


This is a really pretty original meditation altar – the timber has a reddish tinge to it. The front section slides up so that items can be stored inside. The other 3 sides have an internal mesh as per photos. This is a piece that would have been used for many years in meditation.

Meditation altars can be used to hold anything that you want to have near you during your practice. Common items are Indian (or other) dieties, crystals, candles, cleansing sprays or mists, fresh flowers, mala beads, photographs …

Once you have chosen a spot for your altar, preferably one with little or no daily traffic, cleanse the space with palo santo or a smudge stick or spray, then place your items. It is common during meditation practice to face your altar during the meditation, with the best direction for you to be facing being east.


Internal Height of storage section – 7.5cm
External Height – 20.5cm
External Depth & Width – 26cm

Sliding section has pressed metal features.

Please note that all our vintage and antique pieces may have imperfections which is what makes them unique and full of history.


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