Antique Brass Tibetan Meditation Lion – 100+ Yrs old

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Brass Tibetan meditation lion made entirely by hand in the Tibetan and Nepalese region.  One of the original hand decorated and hand created meditation dieties of this genre – very hard to find.  Removable head and hollow body for the purpose of either burning incense (smoke comes out of the nose) or writing down your intention and putting it inside prior to meditating.


One of an amazing collection of these pieces that we managed to source. These deities have been around since around 1880. Flat pieces of metal were bent into the desired forms using simple tools and then welded together to create this intricate and amazing art pieces which developed over generations – part of a long tradition even though items like this are virtually extinct nowadays.

This item is around 10.5cm high with a small locket piece on a chain around it’s neck. It would have taken weeks to create before being used in meditation practice. The filigree decoration that covers the outside has small circular pieces of brass that have been wrapped around a small rod, cut and then welded onto the animal form – each of them made entirely by hand. The ‘stones’ were also hand formed – we believe that the white pieces are onyx-marble and the blue and red pieces possibly glass.

Am in love with all these pieces – so much history within each one.


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