Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and utterly burnt out?

Desperately seeking a way out of the cycle of fatigue and stress?

Are you a business owner whose business is taking over your life?

Our life force is our prana - the constantly moving power of energy flowing around inside of us. Once we learn how to master it, we can then master ourselves. Once we master ourselves, we can then master our world.

Sophie has studied ancient techniques from many cultures over the past decade, practices that within minutes can rapidly transform your energy to create shifts in your reality. These techniques date back thousands of years, passed down through lineages via oral communication, and there is a power in them that has stood the test of time.

As a multi award-winning entrepreneur specialising in niche & innovative marketing techniques, she also knows exactly how to transform your business into one that will allow you to find balance.

For the first time, she is now offering a selection of opportunities to learn how to work with these fascinating tools. Select your option below to dive in deep, or explore slowly.