Yoga Lovers Gift Set – Limited Edition


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The perfect gift for any yoga lover, this set includes a vintage yoga mat stand, luxe boulder stone candle and Free the Spirit Spray.


This is the ideal gift for anyone in your life who is a yoga lover – this set is a one off limited edition and contains the following items:-

1 x vintage large timber yoga mat holder – dimensions are 30cm x 23cm

1 x luxe candle which is reminiscent of stone boulders found in nature – as the candle burns a pool of melted wax forms around each wick like a rock pool, reflecting the flame and bringing together a trio of the elements of stone, water and fire.  Burning time 50 hours.  Width 12cm.  Weight 850g

1 x Free The Spirit Aromatic Mist – Aroma of Citrus, Wood and Floral, this mist contains Lemongrass which is a powerful cleanser of energy and allows for old, limiting beliefs to be released. Ylang Ylang is a powerful remedy for the heart and assists in accessing intuition and “heart knowing”. Bergamot is an uplifting oil, promoting optimism, self love and acceptance. These oils combine with the energy of Cedarwood, supporting emotional connectedness.  Definitely not tested on animals.


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