The Meditation Mini Kit – Limited Edition


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The perfect gift for anyone you know interested in meditaiton.


This collection is a limited set containing:-

1 x Vintage Turkish Kilim Meditation Cushion including insert – handmade from vintage rugs.  Use individually or mix with others in our store to create a sumptuous and cosy meditation or chill out spot within your home.  Wool front and cotton backing, this cushion is durable and due to the thickness of the material is ideal as a meditation cushion or to use for back support.  50 x 30 cm

1 x Your Meditation Journal – a guided journal providing space to reflect and record your daily meditation practice.  A must have for every meditator!  This 90 day journal will help you create and track a daily meditation habit.

1 x Shungite & Selenite Crystal Harmonisers – these tubes can either be held one in each hand, or can be placed in a room together to give a healing environment to that space.  Selenite combined with Shungite eliminates any energy blockages therefore enhancing the already strong healing power of Shungite. These harmoniser tubes of Selenite and Shungite used together can have a powerful healing effect for most ailments.


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