Eucalyptus Smudge Stick


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Bring wisdom and spiritual healing into your home with this powerful Australian tree.


Made with organic produce here in Australia.  No artificial colour or flavour, 100% Organic Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus: Offering incredible protective and healing properties, Eucalyptus is used to promote tranquility, peace and healing and also may help with stimulating the immune system.

Dimensions: 30-40cm in length

Directions – Hold upright and light from the bottom where it is neatly packed.  Once the flames take hold of the smudge stick blow it out and let it smoulder slowly as you either go through your house or over a person to get rid of negative energy.

Warning: Please ensure never to leave a burning smudge stick out of sight and keep out of reach of children.  Please do not ingest.


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