Citrine Crystal with Smokey Quartz Tip


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Citrine is believed to enhance creativity, self expression and motivation as well as releasing fears and phobias through its emotionally balancing properties.  Throughout history and in many cultures this crystal was commonly referred to as the merchant’s stone and is associated with money energy – which is why in feng shui it is considered to attract wealth.


All of our citrines are natural.  Many of the citrine found in the market today is actually heat treated amethyst which is more burnt orange in colour as opposed to the softer yellow colour of natural Citrine crystals.  This piece has smokey quartz in the tip – smokey quartz is considered detoxifying and also good for dispersing fear and negativity so with this specimen you get a double whammy.

Citrine brings a beautiful energy to your home and is associated with the sacral chakra, making it ideal for creativity and manifestation.  Smokey quartz is associated with the solar plexus chakra so great for healing and balancing.

Size – 13cm high, base 5 x 3.5cm


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