Agua De Florida – 2 sizes – Cleansing Florida Water – Peru


Genuine Peruvian Murray & Lanman cleansing flower water – originating in South America, this cologne has become highly popular across the world for the past 200 years for its many restorative and cleansing uses. Used for hundreds of years in South America as a shamanastic tool for ritual, healing, cleansing and grounding.


A cologne used in South America by shamans for cleansing, healing, ritual feeding and flowering.

2 sizes available – large 270ml and smaller travel size 60ml.

Ideal for personal or general space clearing and to lift heavy, stagnant energy.

Origin: Peru
Size: 270ml and 60ml

Aroma: citrus and herbal notes with spice and floral undertones of bergamot, neroli, lemon, cloves, cinnamon, lavender, rose and orange flower.

Flammable – do not use near an open flame.


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